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Sonoma County Roofing Contractors

Roofing is not brain surgery, but the average homeowner in Sonoma County is not familiar with the ins and outs of choosing the best roofing contractor for their job. A few years ago, we had little choice but to depend on whomever you chose to do the work correctly.

But over the years, smart homeowners have learned to spot the best roofers in Sonoma County by asking a few questions & sourcing the web for reviews that reveal what the roofing contractor really knows about their trade and what kind of job they're likely to do.

The best roofers in the North Bay are steadfast serious about their professional reputation. It is not enough that they are concerned and personable - for any slick roofing sales person can be personable. The top tier roofing contractors here in Sonoma County must be able to bundle their experience and knowledge to insure that their professional obligation is obviously to YOUR (the homeowner’s) advantage.

And here is the number one take-away for you to key on - the professional roofing contractor is easy to spot if you feel educated as well as comfortable after the sales presentation. And if the indicators outlined below are also satisfied, then you can be assured that you chose the right roofing contractor to install your new roof.

The best Roofing Contractors in Sonoma County ...

  • are rare individuals who take pride in their work.
  • keep up with advances in materials and techniques.
  • are responsive to the concerns of their customers.
  • are glad to take as much time is necessary to clearly explain the roofing system install.
  • carry with them examples of their roofing product.
  • carry with them - a portfolio full of images of roofing jobs in the County in which you live.
  • carry with them - a binder full of roofing testimonials.
  • give you their roofing contractors CA license number.
  • will be happy to give you the name of their insurance carrier and agent.
  • will get on the roof and conduct a close inspection of decking, ventilation, & flashing
  • takes pictures with their phone of any problem areas , so that you can see - what they see.
  • specify in great detail what problems exist in your present roofing system & exactly how a qualified roofing contractor will correct it.
  • backup in writing that the roof to be installed will be built out to manufacturer spec.
  • give you a clear understanding of cost in a concise roofing contract.

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